Inspection and repair service for lifting accessories

Inspection services and safety at work

The relevant legislation and regulations state that the inspection of lifting accessories must be performed annually. The employer is responsible for ensuring that lifting accessories used in lifting operations are appropriately inspected and comply with all valid regulations. In addition to usability and safety at work, this also ensures the equipment's productivity.

The benefits to the customer of comprehensive service

We take responsibility for lifting accessories throughout their lifecycle

  • We will make an inventory of all your lifting accessories and list them in our database.
  • We will provide your maintenance manager with regular reports on the status of various departments and remind the manager well in advance of batches due for inspection.
  • Inspection of lifting accessories is carried out in accordance with an agreed schedule, ensuring the minimal disturbance of everyday work.
  • This ensures that your equipment always works as good as new.
  • If sudden problems occur, we will provide the most flexible possible service.
  • NOTE! Our inspection service also covers any lifting accessories supplied by a third party.

Our inspection service for lifting accessories can provide significant savings

By allowing Fibroc to take care of inspection operations, you can save money and free up internal resources.

  • No more messing around
  • No more inventory counts, worries, delays and damaged equipment
  • No unnecessary risks that uninspected equipment will be used

Our inspector is certified for the inspection of industrial cranes with a working load limit of up to 10 tonnes.

Moreover, we can perform almost all of the required inspections anywhere in Finland using our trusted inspection partners.



An inspection marking is added to all inspected equipment and the customer is provided with an inspection report with the following information:

  • type of identified lifting accessory
  • working load limit
  • inspection date
  • any repair performed
  • information on whether the equipment passed or failed the inspection

All equipment that passes the inspection will work as good as new

If the equipment fails the inspection, we will specify the reason:

  • We recommend repairs if this is economically viable.
  • We discuss the issue in question with the customer, making the decision together.

Additional information and appointments for inspections

For more information on our inspection and repair services for lifting accessories and fall protection equipment related to

occupational safety,
contact Paavo Lehto: tel +358 40 525 1424 or +358 8 816 6927; email: paavo.lehto(at)

Decree on safe use governing our operations

On 1 January 2009, a new Government Decree entered into force on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment (403/2008). This repealed the old work equipment decision (856/1998) concerning issues such as the safe use and inspection of work equipment.

Major changes applying to lifting accessories include the new Decree's drawing attention to the requirement that all work equipment be kept safe during its operational life, through regular servicing and maintenance. The employer must continuously monitor work equipment to ensure that it is in working order, by carrying out inspections, tests, measurements and in other appropriate ways.

Occupational safety is the key issue when working with lifting accessories
The employer is responsible for ensuring that equipment used for lifting operations is appropriately inspected and complies with all valid regulations. In addition to usability and safety at work, this also ensures the equipment's productivity.

Regulations and specifications on the inspection of cranes, hoists, lifting accessories and lifting hardware. (Read more >)


Inspection of lifting accessories - Fibroc

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