Manual lever hoists

Working load limit 0,25–6 tonnes. Brands include Vital and Bravo, for example.
• Compact and safe manual lever hoists for all installation sites.
• Electric wire rope hoists and chain hoists also available.

Manual chain hoists

Working load limit 0,5–20 tonnes.
Durable and reliable brands include Vital, Kito and Tralift.

Safe and lightweight manual chain hoists. Even heavy loads can be lifted with relatively little hand effort. The number of load chains depends on the working load limit of the hoist.

Wire rope hoists

Our brands include, for example, Tirfor, Lug-All and Svero.

Efficient and compact ratchet winch hoists and wire rope pulling hoists. Pulling hoists provide unlimited lifting height because the wire rope goes through the hoist housing. Wire rope hoists are safe, easy-to-use and efficient devices for lifting and pulling. They can be used in sectors such as construction, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, as well as other installation operations.


We service and perform annual inspections of all hoist brands. We also can supply replacement wire ropes for wire rope hoists.

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