Chain slings are lifting accessories comprising one or more chains and attachments. They can have one or more legs. Each chain sling must be fitted with a marking plate displaying the working load limits for different loading situations. Chain slings can generally be used at a maximum load in a temperature range of –40 to +200 °C. If the temperature is outside this range, the manufacturer's instructions must be observed. 

Chain slings should have a designated storage place (for example, a rack) where they are not susceptible to damage and from where they can be easily obtained (never lying on the ground or floor). Load tables and lifting instructions should be located at the storage place. If a chain sling is to be stored for an extended period of time, clean and dry the chain sling and protect it from corrosion by lubricating it lightly with oil, for example. A visual inspection must be carried out before using the sling, to verify that the sling and its attachments are in the proper condition. 

Lifting chains and related components, grades 8, 10 and 12

Chains – grade 8

Our prices are highly competitive.
In practice, grade 8 chains are being phased out of the market due to their poor wear resistance and high weight.

Chains – grade 10

The overall cost of these chains is low because grade 10 chains are extremely durable.
Grade 10 chains can be rated as having a capacity up to 30% higher than grade 8 chains throughout the size range.

Life-cycle thinking for chains

Grade 10 chains are replacing grade 8 chains at an increasing rate.
In practice, all new chains designed for lifting applications are grade 10.

The most obvious benefit of grade 10 chains is their superior wear resistance in demanding lifting applications

  • tower cranes
  • earth-moving machinery
  • mobile cranes, etc.

Chains – grade 12

Sales of grade 12 chains remain low. These chains are purchased for extremely demanding applications only.


  • A grade 12 chain is over 50% stronger than a grade 8 chain.
  • A grade 10 chain is around 30% stronger than a grade 8 chain.


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