About us

We have been manufacturing and supplying special steel wire ropes and lifting accessories since 1974. Thanks to our vast experience, professional personnel and valued clients, we are a highly specialised and trusted partner for our customers.

Meeting your needs and solving your problems

We solve various problems related to lifting, transferring and lashing loads – our customers are accustomed to professional service and perfect solutions. This is our speciality.

If you need help, contact us. We will make your problem ours and ensure that it is solved. We deliver each and every order with care, based on our solid experience.

Fibroc's strenghts:

  • highly specialised expertise
  • flexible operations
  • solid experience of our customers' operating environments
  • comprehensive, equipment-specific solutions
  • vast range of products – the best components and own production
  • safe high-quality products
  • fast and punctual delivery

Our most popular products and services are: Wire ropes, Chains, Fall protection equipment, Lifting accessories and Inspection of lifting accessories

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